What we do

In London we’re privileged to have some of the world’s most fantastic chefs on our doorstep, cooking food from all over the world. Quite simply, we’re spoilt! That being said, there are thousands of incredible chefs dishing out someone else’s recipes, in someone else’s restaurant, never getting their chance to show what they’re truly capable of.

Here’s where we come in. We’re giving start-up caterers a platform to showcase their food and to create financially viable businesses of their own.  We do this through menu development, PR, feedback and work opportunities. Since our launch in August 2015, we have secured over £160 000 worth of catering jobs for our chefs. Booking Platform103 catering not only means that you'll get great food and service, but you'll also be supporting small and independent businesses in the UK.

Our Chefs

All of our chefs have had extensive experience in restaurant kitchens. Now looking to work for themselves and cook the food that they love we're helping them to earn a living. 

Their food

We like to mix up our offering; we've had Caribbean barbecues for corporate away days and dim sum for tech business launch parties. Whatever you're looking for, we'll arrange it!


Event Staffing

Doing your own catering but need friendly and efficient staff? Hire us! With years of event experience under our belt we've got a proven track record of delivering excellent levels of service.